vimeo: UWR Week 11 – Making the 2D look 3D! by Realm…


UWR Week 11 - Making the 2D look 3D! by Realm Pictures

Adding Depth to Your Shots

When most people think about adding depth to videos, they immediately think about DSLR cameras, and for good reason: One of the most appealing aspects of shooting video on a DSLR is the shallow depth of field you can achieve.

With DSLRs, interchangeable lenses that stop down to wide apertures allow you to get those super-cinematic shots, capture bokeh, rack focus, and separate your subject from the background, drawing your audience’s eye to the details you choose. Adjusting aperture to obtain shallow depth of field is a great trick, but let’s not get stuck in thinking that it’s the only way to add depth to your shots.

This great tutorial from Realm Pictures explores six ways to create depth in your videos, most of which don’t call for a DSLR.

To read the full lesson, head over to the Vimeo Video School!

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