Will This Product Save Kodak? Unlikely

Will This Product Save Kodak? Unlikely:


Promised as a “sporty camera that makes a big splash,” the “Easyshare Sport” Camera was one of the rather lackluster introductions from Kodak at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show. It must be a difficult time to be at the storied photography company, for whom the death bell has begun to toll even as the employees are expected to go about their daily business. In Fortune’s The Kodak Lie, Doblin founder, Larry Keeley (see disclaimer, below), takes issue with the idea that the demise was a result of Kodak executives not knowing how to manage impending disruption. He writes:

The basic buzz is that Kodak missed the moment. Addicted to film photography, they never really could (to borrow a phrase from another brief strategic fashion) “cross the chasm” and drive the growing new digital photography field.

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